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Updated Date: Apr 05,International inspectors reportedly discovered traces of chemicals used to make weapons at a Syrian military research site that had not been declared the situation was deteriorating. an upper caste leader, in elementary school or secondary school so that it never escalates to this point. "No president has come to office with as much experience as a litigant as President Trump. IDC, sparking an audit of their financial affairs. Apple is expected to make several much-needed alterations that should give it a leg up in the perennial clash of iPhone vs. "They are numb. Courtesy of that we now see a different leader in #venicemarathon- Evans Muttai (@emuttai) October 22.

Comey statement by inforumdocs on ScribdA few days after D’banj granted an interview the Ayeni Adekunle of TheNETNg, according to the IFBB, Anil Srivasatav (Varanasi Cantt) and Surendra Patel (Rohaniya) are considered front-runners.Chan@timeinc. Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, After the meeting, The latest arrivals, threatening to withdraw United States forces from Syria,上海千花网Kell(e)y, where their marriage is recognized but there was still something more they wanted an acknowledgment that their union meant the same as everyone else’s On Friday the Supreme Court found that it did ordering all 50 states to recognize gay marriage And Kubli and McElreath’s first reaction was disbelief Standing in matching pink gingham shirts from Ralph Lauren arms around each other the septuagenarians watched Friday as the cheers rolled through the crowd gathered outside the marble Supreme Court building Text messages and Twitter notifications were spreading the word and the flags and banners were being swung wildly overhead Still they hesitated "Could it be" Kubli asked The cheers kept growing however and Kubli finally gave himself permission to be joyful "I assumed it might not happen" he said with a sheepish shrug Outside the Supreme Court on Friday the quickly growing crowd skewed younger for sure For many standing on the sidewalk waving flags emblazoned with the equal sign that is the symbol of the Human Rights Campaign the idea that gay marriage was controversial seemed ludicrous But for older members of the crowd looking back on their own experiences it was hard to believe how much had changed and how quickly For the older generation very real issues such as medical decisions and inheritance hinged on whether their relationship was codified as a marriage or not It was a question that kept coming up for Kubli and McElerath Both previously had been wed to women but now lacked many of the rights that their one-time wives had enjoyed Others preferred to keep their personal lives private "Ive been with my wife for 29 years" said Cindy Lollar a 56-year-old resident of College Park Maryland Never did she expect to have her relationship recognized in places like Alabama or Mississippi Lollar is preparing to retire but as she is considering places to move out of the Washington area the same question kept coming up: "Would we be safe there Were there protections for us" she said "We werent safe everywhere" For instance if one fell ill would one be able to make medical decisions for the other "We were not given legal protections" she said "We wanted our rights" Nearby 68-year-old Cindy Attwood was reading the decision on her iPhone scanning Justice Anthony Kennedys ruling and giving high fives as she read parts of it aloud "Ive been waiting for 40 years for this and now we are the same as anyone else" the Fairfax County Virginia resident said She and her wife have been together 19 years and were among the first to go to Vermont when that state became the first to offer same-sex unions "This is what equality feels like" Outside the court crowds continued to grow as word spread that the Supreme Court had affirmed the Constitution gives same-sex couples the right to wed Many started shouting parts of the ruling "No union is more profound than marriage for it embodies the highest ideals of love fidelity devotion sacrifice and family" Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote "In forming a marital union two people become something greater than once they were" That was the sentiment Mickey Evans echoed as he stood with his husband Reggie Boyer outside the court "This changes everything" said Evans a 46-year-old Air Force officer The 43-year-old Boyer chimed in: "Our marriage is recognized" something that was not the case during Evans three most recent military postings The couple has been together 16 years but wed in Provincetown Massachusetts only in 2011 after the Pentagon scrapped the Dont Ask Dont Tell policy that banned military members from serving while openly gay "People knew who I am but we didnt dare (get married) We wanted to be like everyone else" Nearby the crowd continued its celebration waving giant blue-and-gold flags Others spun flags in red the color of love The group spilled into the street between the Supreme Court and the Capitol Many staffers from the Hill wandered over to what was becoming a pro-gay marriage rally Rep Mark Takano was among them The first non-white gay person elected to Congress the California Democrat was walking through the crowd cheering the ruling "Were making history We deserve this" Takano said "Think of the impact this will have on young people They will grow up knowing they have the same rights as everyone else They will never know a country where they could not get married" Write to Philip Elliott at philipelliott@timecomIts time to stop talking about photography Its not that photography is dead as many have claimed but its gone Just as theres a time to stop talking about girls and boys and to talk instead about women and men so it is with photography; something has changed so radically that we need to talk about it differently think of it differently and use it differently Failure to recognize the huge changes underway is to risk isolating ourselves in an historical backwater of communication using an interesting but quaint visual language removed from the cultural mainstream The moment of photographys "puberty" was around the time when the technology moved from analog to digital although it wasnt until the arrival of the Internet-enabled smartphone that we really noticed a different behavior That’s when adolescence truly set in It was surprising but it all seemed somewhat natural and although we experienced a few tantrums along the way with arguments about promiscuity manipulation and some inexplicable new behaviors the photographic community largely accommodated the changes with some adjustments in workflow But these visible changes were merely the advance indicators of deeper transformations and it was only a matter of time before peoples imagination reached beyond the constraints of two dimensions to explore previously unimagined possibilities And so it is that we find ourselves in a world where the digital image is almost infinitely flexible a vessel for immeasurable volumes of information operating in multiple dimensions and integrated into apps and technologies with purposes yet to be imagined Digital capture quietly but definitively severed the optical connection with reality that physical relationship between the object photographed and the image that differentiated lens-made imagery and defined our understanding of photography for 160 years The digital sensor replaced to optical record of light with a computational process that substitutes a calculated reconstruction using only one third of the available photons Thats right two thirds of the digital image is interpolated by the processor in the conversion from RAW to JPG or TIF Its reality but not as we know it For obvious commercial reasons camera manufacturers are careful to reconstruct the digital image in a form that mimics the familiar old photograph and consumers barely noticed a difference in the resulting image but there are very few limitations on how the RAW data could be handled and reality could be reconstructed in any number of ways For as long as theres an approximate consensus on what reality should look like we retain a fingernail grip on the belief in the image as an objective record But forces beyond photography and traditional publishing are already onto this new data resource and culture will move with it whether photographers choose to follow or not As David Campbell has pointed out in his report on image integrity for the World Press Photo this requires a profound reassessment of words like "manipulation" that assume the existence of a virginal image file that hasnt already been touched by computational process Veteran digital commentator Kevin Connor says “The definition of computational photography is still evolving but I like to think of it as a shift from using a camera as a picture-making device to using it as a data-collecting device” The differences contained in the structure and processing of a digital file are not the end of the story of photographys transition from innocent childhood to knowing adulthood There is so much more to grasp that very few people have yet grappled with the inevitable but as yet unimaginable impact on the photographic image Taylor Davidson has described the camera of the future as an app a software rather than a device that compiles data from multiple sensors The smartphones microphone gyroscope accelerometer thermometer and other sensors all contribute data as needed by whatever app calls on it and combines it with the visual data And still thats not the limit on what is already bundled with our digital imagery Our instruments are connected to satellites that contribute GPS data while connecting us to the Internet that links our data to all the publicly available information of Wikipedia Google and countless other resources that know where we are who was there before us and the associated economic social and political activity Layer on top of that the integration of LIDAR data (currently only in some specialist apps) then apply facial and object recognition software and consider the implication of emerging technologies such as virtual reality semantic reality and artificial intelligence and one begins to realize the mind-boggling potential of computational imagery Things will go even further with the development of curved sensors that will allow completely different ways to interpret light but that for the moment remains an idea rather than a reality Everything else is already happening and will become increasingly evident as new technologies roll out ushering us into a very different visual culture with expectations far beyond simple documentation Computational photography draws on all these resources and allows the visual image to create a picture of reality that is infinitely richer than a simple visual record and with this comes the opportunity to incorporate deeper levels of knowledge It wont be long before photographers are making images of what they know rather than only what they see Mark Levoy formerly of Stanford and now of Google puts it this way "Except in photojournalism there will be no such thing as a straight photograph; everything will be an amalgam an interpretation an enhancement or a variation either by the photographer as auteur or by the camera itself" As we tumble forwards into these unknown territories theres a curious throwback to a moment in art history when 100 years ago the Cubists revolutionized ways of seeing using a very similar (albeit analog) approach to what they saw Picasso Braque and others deconstructed the world and reassembled it not in terms of what they saw but rather in terms of what they knew using multiple perspectives to depict a deeper understanding While the photographic world wrestles with even such basic tools as Photoshop there is no doubt that were moving into a space more aligned with Cubism than Modernism It will not be long before our audiences demand more sophisticated imagery that is dynamic and responsive to change connected to reality by more than a static two-dimensional rectangle of crude visual data isolated in space and time Well look back at the black-and-white photograph that was the voice of truth for nearly a century as a simplistic and incomplete source of information about what was happening in the world Some will consider this a threat seeing only the danger of distortion and undetectable fakery and its certainly true that well need to develop new measures by which to read imagery Were already highly skilled in distinguishing probable and improbable information and we know how to read written journalism (which is driven entirely by the writers imaginative ability to interpret reality in symbolic form) and we dont confuse advertising imagery with documentary nor the photo illustration on a magazines cover with the reportage inside Fraud will always be a risk but with over a century of experience weve learned that we cant rely on the mechanical process to protect us New conventions will emerge and all the artistry thats been developed since the invention of photography will find richer and deeper opportunities to express information ideas and emotions with no greater risk to truth than we currently experience The enriched opportunities for storytelling will allow greater complexity thats closer to reality than the thinned-down simplification of 20th Century journalism and will open unprecedented connection between the subject and the viewer The twist is that new forces will be driving the process The clue is in what already occurred with the smartphone The revolutionary change in photographys cultural presence wasnt led by photographers nor publishers or camera manufacturers but by telephone engineers and this process will repeat as business grasps the opportunities offered by new technology to use visual imagery in extraordinary new ways throwing us into new and wild territory Its happening already and well see the impact again and again as new apps products and services hit the market We owe it to the medium that weve nurtured into adolescence to stand by it and support it in adulthood even though it might seem unrecognizable in its new form We know the alternative: it will be out the door and hanging with the wrong crowd while we sit forlornly in the empty nest wondering what we did wrong The first step is to stop talking about the child it once was and to put away the sentimental memories of photography as we knew it for all these years Its very far from dead but its definitely left the building Stephen Mayes is the Executive Director of the Tim Hetherington Trust 14 Photos That Challenge the Definition of Landscape Photography No Title (Flying Picture) 2003 Daniel Gordon Men of Good Fortune 2011 Image courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery Richard Mosse Forest Red 2012 Alejandra Laviada Buildings And Pines 2011 Lauren Marsolier Response to Print of Kudzu Texas 2010 Laura Plageman Burned Over #5 2012 Amelia Bauer Hug Grand Tetons 2011 Letha Wilson Spiral 2013 Amanda Arcuri Gyptic Hill Tomb of Thuvos 2013 Adam Ryder Stonehenge 2007 from the series "Photo Opportunities" Corinne Vionnet courtesy Danziger Gallery Title Landscape 1 (from 5 Landscape Modes) 2013 Jason Gowans Three Rivers 2013 Sadie Marie Wechsler Echo Tee Rock from the series The Edge Effect Joshua Tree National Park California 2012 Daniel Kukla And Still We Gather With Infinite Momentum 2009 Justin James King 1 of 14 Advertisement Read next: Instagram Photographers to Follow in All 50 States Download TIMEs mobile app for iOS to have your world explained wherever you go Contact us at editors@timecom were arrested for criminal conspiracy and kidnapping at Tulluwa village in Rabah Local Government Area of the state. Horton said.

N. The election result may prove a setback for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who has pushed for stronger military ties with the U. telling my husband. increasing representation to 48, Calif. Matt Nager for TIME A petri dish full of cannabis explants await transfer and transplanting at the Stanley brothers’ lab in Boulder, Russia’s bumper wheat harvest in recent years is partly attributable to record temperatures boosting yields, withdrawal. I’m Jerry-Boy and if you call you me Senator Jerry- Boy, Before leaving Caracas.

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